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At Green Tree Rehabilitation, the professional services we provide create pathways to recover function and support you in your journey to restore communication, cognition, emotional and physical health.

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Our Occupational Therapists provide individualized care using evidence-based, comprehensive and innovative assessments so that we can help determine what recommendations are best for you…

  • Concussion and Neurological conditions
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Cognitive Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • In-home Functional Assessments
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Occupational therapy is essential to the recovery or management of a concussion, orthopedic injury/surgery, and mental health condition. We are always the missing link for people who are not hospitalized and who are trying to recover in the community. No matter what the injury or disability, our role is to help you recover or achieve your highest level of function at work, home and sports/leisure. If you lose an ability or skill, we either help you recover it, or teach you a new skill or strategy to complete the tasks necessary. We are even reputed to turn “impossible” mental health conditions from disability into assets.

  • Neuro and Vision Rehabilitation 
  • Multi and Complex Trauma
  • Mental Health and Trauma-Informed Care
  • Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy
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Medical Legal

Obtaining an objective and thorough Functional Capacity Evaluation and Future Cost of Care is important to support the court and legal process. At Green Tree Rehabilitation, we are formally qualified by the court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta as experts in conducting Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) and Future Cost of Care evaluations. We take plaintiff and defense cases to maintain the highest level of objectivity.

  • Functional Capacity Evaluation and Future Cost of Care/Life Care Plan 
  • Housekeeping Assessment 
  • Birth Trauma 
  • Case Management Services
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Workplace Health

At Green Tree Rehabilitation, we work with individuals affected by injury or illness to remain at work or return to work in a timely and safe manner. Our Occupational Therapists help to increase an individual’s independence and function by considering their psychosocial, cognitive social and physical challenges to help them overcome barriers to work.

  • Work Functional Assessment and Intervention 
  • Worksite Assessment and Intervention 
  • Ergonomics (Office/ Industrial)
  • Work Hardening

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