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Green Tree Rehabilitation is an industry leader in providing occupational therapy helping people recover, live happy and live strong. Our expertise lies in orthopedic and PTSD trauma, concussion and brain injury, and mental health. We provide specialized assessment and rehabilitation services handling simple to complex cases in personal injury and medical malpractice, within the community, and all insurer disability and work-related rehabilitation.

Our innovative practice is changing the rehabilitation world of tomorrow. Our pursuit of excellence in service and therapies sets the standard in our field, and our approach is evidence driven and supported by current literature.

Our Goal

At Green Tree Rehabilitation, our goal is to set the gold standard in assessment and occupational therapy intervention. To ensure every person who needs a functional capacity evaluation receives a fair and objective assessment. To ensure all persons requiring neurorehabilitation and trauma treatment for concussion, vestibular, PTSD, and mental health recover.

To resolve symptoms, and to restore skills and abilities needed to get back to work and life. To bridge the gap and ensure occupational therapy is accessible. Although occupational therapy is easily accessible in other parts of Canada, it is not as easily accessible in Alberta. Our goal is to be extraordinary occupational therapists who are humble, effective, and kind. Let us walk this journey together in achieving your fullest potential.

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Our Mission

Green Tree Rehabilitation’s mission is to provide exemplary Occupational Therapy services with successful outcomes to contribute to a stronger community. We help people recover, restore, and live their best lives through our in-house designed GTR programs.

We strive to empower our clients with the skills, tools and strategies needed to perform activities of daily living and to live life with purpose. To act with integrity, and be committed to being objective, and providing outstanding treatment parallel to none. We believe if we can put our best version as therapists forward, we can then help our clients achieve the best versions of themselves.


Our client base consists of:

  • Personal Injury Firms
  • Corporate Companies
  • Social Services
  • Insurance Companies
  • Individuals
  • Provincial and Federal Government
  • Canadian Forces

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